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  1. What is ProSPOTLIGHT?
  2. How do I sign up?
  3. What do I do next?
  4. What should I focus on?
  5. How does my score affect my rank?
  6. How is the ProSPOTLIGHT project financially sustained?
  7. Are there more planned features?
  8. Are there projects like ProSPOTLIGHT?
  9. Can I customize my listing?


ProSPOTLIGHT is an online tool designed to help you promote yourself and whatever is important to you. We provide features for expressing yourself as well as connecting and networking. You may post a description of yourself, your products or services, news, images, and other content.

How do I sign up?

All user accounts originate on the parent site where there are numerous types of listings. It takes just a few minutes to create an account and listing. Check it out.

What do I do next?

Once you have signed up, it's important to share information that will promote you and your products or services. Listing setup is quite simple. A helpful tutorial/wizard will step you through the intuitive questions.

What should I focus on?

Publish current, relevant content that is well written and important to you and your audience. Determine who your audience is and establish your voice and generate buzz about you, your services, and your products.

How does my score affect my rank?

We have designed a method to reward active, sincere contributors to the ProSPOTLIGHT project. We score usage activity as well as peer response. We then distribute pages based on the rank for a specific area. Each pro has an overall rank. They also have a relative rank for every screen. The higher the overall rank is for a pro the more frequently their content will surface to the top of a list of potential links. It is our method of rewarding people who have truly established a presence on the site.

How is the ProSPOTLIGHT project financially sustained?

Overhead costs, including development, management, etc. are covered primarily by ad space or premium listings on the site. We provide you with the opportunity to contribute to the service and products by signing up for a premium account. There are benefits for being a premium account holder. For example, we remove all ads from your content pages. There are also times when your content is featured over that of a free listing. Likely, the largest benefit is that we can dedicate more resources to enhancing the overall experience.

Are there more planned features?

Certainly. We have a scheduled release program for some fabulous tools that pros need in an online community.

Are there other projects like ProSPOTLIGHT?

Yes. Listings from the parent site Avid Locals are fed out to a number of genre specific sites.

Is a listing customizable?

To a large degree you have control over the content and look of your listing. Premium listings are given additional options to customize the look and feel.



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